What We Do

Grace Outreach Coalition, is a California based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that was founded in March of 2010. Our goal is to eradicate extreme poverty among underprivileged people in rural areas of the world by means of empowerment through: freshwater wells; affordable and clean energy; affordable quality education for all genders; capacity building and medical provisions.


Our Current Mission

In July 2011, Grace Outreach Coalition (GOC) spearheaded a pilot eradication of the disease, Schistosomiasis, using the drug Praziquantel in Borgu region of Niger state Nigeria, where the rate of prevalence was at 46% and spread out over 427 communities. Through this exemplary leadership over 90,000 inhabitants of Borgu emirate have been cured to date! The 5 year efforts of GOC continues to prevent the re-occurrence of the disease through the provision of water filters, water wells, education and medical provisions.

About Schistosomiasiasis

Schistosomiasiasis is a parasitic disease carried by a estimated 207 million people worldwide and the second most devastating disease in tropical Africa. It is a parasitic infection caused by Schistosoma worms acquired from water contaminated with fresh water snails.  Species which live in humans can produce liver, bladder, and gastrointestinal problems and may cause death in some cases.

Our Strategy for Cure and Prevention

Schistosomiasiasis is curable by just one dose of Praziquantel, made possible by your continued financial donations to purchase the medication. The problem however, is  that the cure, Praziquantel, must be given out every year to the same people. No plan is in place to prevent a re-occurrence of the disease!  GOC believes that the clear solution is to truncate the life cycle of the parasite (see scheme below) in the following ways:

  • Reduce the dependence of the people for potable water on the contaminated Kainji Lake through the provision of fresh water wells (aka boreholes).
  • Provide solar latrines to ensure that the eggs of the parasite, do not return to the Kanji lake by way of continued human defecation and urination.
  • Enlighten and empower the people through education, so as to encourage the use of the solar latrines as their means of disposal of human waste rather than the already contaminated Kainji lake !
Meeting with the Late Emir of Borgu HRH Alh. Dr Haliru Dantoro in his palace before the commencement of our first campaign against Schistosomiasis in July of 2011.